Presentation Submission

All presenters have been sent instructions and passwords on how to submit their presentations using an online submission service, any presenters who have not received that message should contact Patrick Taylor at to have the message resent.

Presentations will be accepted until 11:59PM of the night before your presentation (remember that you will be able to resubmit your presentation at any time before the deadline if you need to make any changes or corrections). If you are unable to submit online or have any difficulties, contact Patrick so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Please, if you require an overhead projector —instead of the data projectors that are standard in the room— contact Patrick so that he can book an overhead projector for your room.

Presentation Length

Irrespective of the number of abstracts, sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes in total INCLUDING presentations, discussants, questions, preparation and wrap-up.

Guidelines for Presentation Times

Total time per session: 90 minutes
Set-up/prep time: 5 minutes
Presentation time per abstract (3 abstracts): 15 minutes
Discussant time per abstract (3 abstracts): 7 minutes
Audience discussion time per abstract (3 abstracts): 5 minutes
Wrap-up: 4 minutes

All details on the structure of your session should be available from your session organizer or chair.

Audio-visual Specifications

All session rooms come equipped with a data and overhead projectors. Due to time and resource limitations, presentations must be provided to our staff ahead of time so that it can be loaded into the appropriate room’s dedicated computer. Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader will be available on each dedicated computer. We ask that you ensure that your presentation is ready before loading since we will have a limited ability to deal with changes during the conference.

Details on loading your presentation will be posted when available.

Poster Specifications

Due to space limitations each poster is limited to a maximum dimension of 3 feet by 3 feet.


3rd Biennial Conference: Cornell on June 20-23 2010

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