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[ ASHEcon '16, University of Pennsylvania ]

6th Biennial Conference of the
American Society of Health Economists

New Frontiers in Health Policy and Health Care

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June 12 – June 15, 2016

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

Apr 15 16

Call For Proposals– Economic Dimensions of Personalized and Precision Medicine

by charmaine

Precision medicine, the targeting of therapies on the basis of an individual’s biological, genetic, or clinical characteristics, is rapidly gaining prominence in health care. President Obama recently proposed to invest $215 million in a Precision Medicine Initiative, with the goal to further research into patient genetics and customized treatments. The sequencing of the human genome and rapid advances in technology have catalyzed the development of personalized medicine. Reliable and affordable genetic analysis is well within reach of many patients and payers. The majority of personalized therapies currently on the market are indicated for slowing tumor growth, or for treating infectious or orphan diseases. However, the promise has spawned a rapidly growing industry where genetic markers of disease and treatment are searched on a larger scale. The full promise of personalized and precision medicine (PPM), as healthcare innovations involving molecular diagnostics and pharmacogenomics are called, extends beyond targeting therapies for patients who are already sick. It also includes the ability to identify healthy individuals at elevated risk of disease, enabling preventive measures to be targeted towards those who could benefit most, but perhaps at substantial additional cost. PPM may upend traditional models of health insurance, reimbursement, and regulation.

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Mar 31 16

Call for Papers: Health Plan Payment in Managed Competition

by charmaine

Public policy towards health insurance is guided by principles of managed competition in Belgium, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and other countries in Asia and Latin America, as well as of key sectors in the United States, including the Medicare Advantage program for Medicare beneficiaries, state-level Marketplaces created as part of the Affordable Care Act (2010) and state Medicaid managed care programs. While there is considerable heterogeneity in some aspects of the policies in these different sectors, there are also many commonalities. In all of these sectors, individuals choose among private plans that compete on price (i.e. the premium) and quality (e.g. in terms of provider network). Common regulatory aspects include standardized coverage, premium regulation and open enrollment (the senses in which competition is “managed”).

A common challenge in these sectors is to pay health plans in a way that stimulates market efficiency and – at the same time – protects public objectives like individual affordability, fairness and no risk selection. This Special Issue of the Journal of Health Economics aims to bring together current research on health plan payment in health insurance markets fitting within the managed competition paradigm (broadly defined). We seek an intellectually cohesive set of papers on topics that would be of interest to researchers and policymakers in the US and internationally. The issue will consist of 8-12 papers in total, with 2-3 review papers and 6-9 papers with new research.

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Mar 30 16

Economist, The University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business

by charmaine

The University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business, Center for Economic and Management Research seeks an economist to fill the position of Associate Director. Reporting to the Director and Senior Associate Dean for Economic Development and Impact, the successful applicant will have responsibilities that include, but are not limited to:

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Mar 25 16

Call for Papers: Health Economics Research Organization

by sinan

The Health Economics Research Organization (HERO) is soliciting papers for presentation at the 2017 Allied Social Science Associations meeting (ASSA) to be held in Chicago, IL on January 6–8, 2017 (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). Papers will be selected for presentation at 5 HERO sessions.

Please submit abstracts by May 1

See for more information.

Mar 14 16

NHIS Alert!

by sinan

The AEA committee on economic statistics, chaired by Robert Moffitt, recently became aware of a proposed redesign of the National Health Interview Survey:

The motivation is to reduce the length of the questionnaire, but there are reasons for serious concern in this proposed change. NCHS is only going to collect information on a randomly sampled adult and a randomly sample child in the household. No information will be obtained on family income, poverty status, family-level demographic information, and public assistance receipt at the family or household level. If these changes are implemented they will seriously impair the usefulness of the NHIS as a data set for the study of public policy on health.  

The public comment period is extremely tight: comments are due March 15, 2016. If you feel strongly about this, send your comment to [email protected].