Exhibition Pricing

Exhibition Pricing
Type/DescriptionNon-OrgOrg Members/Sponsors
Shared Brochure Display
Shared space for promotional material to be left for pick up
Not Available$0
Shared Publisher Table
Shared space for display of books and monographs
Not Available$0
1/2 Table Space
Half (3’) table
Not Available$0
Full Table Space
6’ skirted tables
Exclusive Booth Space
10’ by 8’ display space for your own stand-alone display

NOTE: Examples of display material must be approved by ASHE prior to the conference. Display of materials will be at the discretion of ASHE and dependant upon the appropriateness of the material as judged by the organizers. Any materials that exhibitors wish to have returned after the conference are the responsibility of the exhibitor; arrangements must be made with the exhibit vendor in advance.

All prices are in US Dollars

Program Advertising Pricing

TypeNon-OrgOrg Members/Sponsors
Insert in Registration Package$700$250
1/4 Page Ad$300$125
1/2 Page Ad$500$200
Full Page Ad$900$350
Back CoverHighest Bidder

Artwork Specifications

  • Ads are black and white only
  • All advertising must be camera-ready in digital format
  • Preferred file format is EPS with TIFF preview
  • Acceptable file formats include Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop, and Acrobat PDF files
  • Ensure all files used are high-resolution files with a minimum 300 dpi (including PDFs)
  • Convert all fonts to outline mode or ensure Type-One Postscript Fonts are included with the file (sorry we cannot accept TrueType fonts)
  • Supply all support files as uncompressed TIFF files or EPS files
  • Printer requires B/W Laser printout or PDF file for proofing


  1. Any additional formatting, scanning or editing or will be billed at an hourly design rate. Hourly design rate will be determined based on materials received
  2. A PDF proof of the advertisement in publication format can be supplied for an additional fee
  3. All prices are in US Dollars


3rd Biennial Conference: Cornell on June 20-23 2010

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