Newsletter Issue 2016:4

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Abigail Sarah Friedman

Abigail S. Friedman Department of Health Policy and Management Yale School of Public Health Electronic cigarettes entered the U.S. market ten years ago, yet the consequences of this entry remain hotly debated today. Are e-cigarettes a disruptive technology that will reduce use of traditional tobacco products, or a new way to foment addiction that […]

W. Kip Viscusi

W. Kip Viscusi Vanderbilt University American Journal of Health Economics 2(2): 13-240, 2016 The emergence of electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes, has generated regulatory interest throughout the world. Should regulatory policies encourage use of e-cigarettes or discourage their use? What role, if any, do warnings have to play? Compared to conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are […]